Our Mission

Milk Medic helps people enjoy dairy foods without the symptoms of upset stomach associated with lactose intolerance. Individually packed in convenient, eco-friendly sachets, Milk medic is on-hand and by your side when you encounter dairy during your day. Just take 1 capsule with your first bite of dairy to enjoy consequence free enjoyment for the next 40-50 minutes.

Milk Medic’s lactase enzyme is naturally derived from Koji, the same micro-organism eastern cultures have used for years in the fermentation of sake, soy sauce and miso. Our enzyme is designed to work in the acidic environment of the stomach to begin breaking down lactose into glucose and galactose before it can wreak havoc in the the small and large intestines. The enzyme itself breaks down into a negligible amount of simple sugars less than an hour after use, and can be taken multiple times a day with no chance of tolerance, reliance, or reduction in your body’s own natural production of digestive enzymes.

Our Story

Our Mission is to build and inclusive and empathetic brand through relentless sincerity and communication with our customers.

Our Accountability

Milk Medic is committed to your health and safety. Every batch of our product is stringently tested by Ugene Laboratories, the foremost food safety authority in Singapore. We stand by the quality of our product and work hard to ensure that we deliver great quality, in a great way, in great time. We want to ensure that Milk Medic is a good fit for you, that’s why we are willing to offer you 100% of your money back if our product does not work for you.

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